El equipo Aventura X-Perience raidaventura.org estará en la lista de salida del Raid in France 2016

Entrevista | 16/08/2016

Fruto de la colaboración entre el equipo Aventura X-Perience y la revista raidaventura.org, un nuevo reto se acerca para Carles Domingo, Daniel Gallardo, Isabek Gelada y Joan Planas.   Nada más ni nada menos que el Raid in France 2016, 9ª prueba puntuable para la AR World Series, con unos equipos participantes de lujo, y un recorrido excepcional.

Os dejamos con la entrevista que nos ha hecho la organización Raid in France.

Interview: Aventure X-Perience – Raidaventura.org (26)

Carles Domingo Dilmer, Daniel Gallardo Masa, Isabel Gelada Salazar & Joan Planas Grau

Tell us more about your team members

We are a group of people who love adventures and to reach new goals in our lives. We spent a lot of time in the past practicing a lot o different sports and finally all together landed in this sport discipline where we are focused right now.

Why Raid in France?

Because our captain felt in love with RIF in 2012 when he took part in the race with a Colombian team. After that, every year we tried to participate to RIF, without success. In 2016, RIF will be very close to our home and racing across some mountains we love. These are the ideal conditions to take part in RIF again.

What is your ambition for this 8th edition of Raid in France?

Our ambition is to complete the race in the full race ranking. We know this is a very ambitious goal, but we will push hard to be there. Whatever is going to happen during the race, our main goal will be to enjoy every step in our progression and enjoy every moment all together.

What experience in adventure racing do you have (individually and the team)?

We are a team that normally races in the Spanish and Catalan National Cups, where we won the general ranking twice in the last two years. Every year, the team planned to be in an AR World Series event, so we have several participations in the last 5 years in international AR races. Also RIF 2012, the World Championship across the Alps was enjoyed by one of our members.

An anecdote about the team or during a race?

We think that during these long races, the best anecdotes are during the nights, when everything is dark and team members are sleepy. In some races in the past, we saw different wild animals walking with us in the mountains, we planned the shopping list to go to the supermarket as soon as we could or we had to stop in a food truck strategically located in the race travel. We remembered all these special moments with a big smile in our faces.

+info: http://www.raidinfrance.com/en/aventure-x-perience-raidaventura-org-26/

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