"Dormimos 40' en 3 noches tal y como habíamos planeado", equipo BlackHILL/OpavaNet, 2º clasificado al Raidaran 2016

Entrevista | 18/08/2016

foto portada: Jordi Santacana

Team member’s introduction:

Barbora Valkova – great girl, she fits very well in the team

Pavel Kurz – first navigator

Roman Sinkovsky – team engine, ready to do any task if needed

Jaroslav Krajnik – team captain, second navigator

(another usual team member which was not present in Raidaran – Tomas Petrecek)

foto: Raul Comino

Which were the most difficult moments of the race and how did you manage to get these over?

Our team was very focused on the progress during night sections in order not to do map errors or slow down the pace. Our time of sleep was short as we planed – first night without sleep, second night 15 minutes and the last night 25 minutes.

High mountain trekking stage was hard for us because of the elevation and difficult rocky terrain. Also biking sections in the high mountains were hard because of steep uphill parts and technical downhills where sometimes we had to carry our bikes. This was difficult physically and also mentally.

Besides from couple of punctures we did not have to solve any major toechnical or health issues. Also we did not encounter any critical moment.

How do you valuate your race result?

We are very happy about our result in Raidaran. During the race we progressed to the second place and kept it until the finish line, the difference to the leading team was not getting bigger and we managed to increase the difference before the teams behing us during the race. This was moving us forward and gave us strength.

What are the next team plans and challenges?

Until the end of the year our team will participate in 2 big adventure races – World cup in China and World championship in Australia. Our goal is to be prepared for these races as best as we can.

+info: Galeria Raidaran

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