Team Ellis Brigham AR, Raidaran AREC 2016

Entrevista | 05/06/2016

Interview to Ellis Brigham AR road to Raidaran Lleida Pirineus.

Team Ellis Brigham AR are a UK based squad who compete in races all over the UK and abroad. 

Our aim is to compete to the best of our abilities and have fun along the way too.

Between us we have many years experience in World series races and regularly appear on the podium in UK races.

The team for Raidaran consists of:

Kevin Stephens - Most at home on the Bike and hoping there is no swimming in the race.

Andy Mitchell - Dragged out of retirement to add paddling power to the team.

Barbara Lonsdale - If there's a mountain to climb then Barbara will be at the top first.

Si Enderby - The engine of the team and importantly for Raidaran the team ropes expert.

Our strategy is to keep moving and race smart.  If we can sustain a good pace, sleep enough and navigate well then we will meet our objectives.

More information about the team can be found on their web site


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