Inscripciones abiertas al Adventure Racing European Championship 2017, Red Fox by Polartec

Notícia | 07/02/2017

Inscripciones abiertas para la 17ª edición de Red Fox Adventure Race powered by Polartec®, que será la sede del Campeonato de Europa de Carreras de Aventura.  La región de Karelia, que alberga el lago dulce más grande del continente, recibirá del 9 al 13 de junio a los mejores 25 equipos continentales para disputarse el trono.

72 horas nonstop y 395Km separan a los participantes de la gloria.  También habrá modalidad de 24 y 48 horas.

Les dejamos con el comunicado oficial:

This intense battle between experienced adventure racers will take place on the northern coast of Europe’s largest fresh-water lake, the “land of white nights.” 

There will be 25 teams of four professional racers vying to win the AREC 2017 on an intense 72 hour non-stop course traversing 395 km. Teams of two and four racers will compete in the 16th and most extreme Russian Red Fox Adventure Race 2017 to test their limits in two classes – a Short 24-hour or a Long 48-hour course. 

Participants will be challenged by various intense routes, new stages, beautiful and dynamic landscapes, skilled rivals and unexpected tests! 

Photo by Sergey Alexandrov
Are you ready to meet with the strongest European teams? We promise plenty of thrills and adventure among the natural, sensational beauty of northern Karelia! 

On-line registration will be available online at
- for the AREC 2017 - up to 15th April, 2017
- for the 2017 Red Fox Adventure Race - up to 10th May, 2017

Race Rules

The “land of white nights” is calling for elite European teams who are ready to push their boundaries with a hunger for adventure! 

You are welcome! Test your limits! 

Aigul Lotfullina

The largest annual Adventure Race in Russia will host the Adventure Race European Championship for 2017 in one of the most beautiful places – along the stunning, rugged coast of Lake Ladoga. It’s the largest lake in Europe, and the 14th largest freshwater lake in the world. 

This year 25 of Europe's elite adventure race teams will be using the complex terrain of Russia's Karelian peninsula during 72 hours non-stop course. 

+info: ¿Con ganas de aventura? Red Fox Adventure Race powered by Polartec® AREC2017

+ info: El Campeonato de Europa 2017 se desplaza a Rusia, sede del Red Fox Adventure Race AREC2017

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