Entrevista al Team Haglöfs Silva vencedor del Raid Gallaecia

Entrevista | 27/05/2015 por Adrià Vall

Para finalizar el ciclo de entrevistas de los protagonistas del Raid Gallaecia, tenemos el honor de hablar con el Team Haglöfs Silva  vencedor de esta 3ª prueba puntuable para la Adventure Racing World Series.

-Congratulations on your victory in Raid Gallaecia. What was your impression of the event?

It was a fantastic race that was well organized and in beautiful nature. I was amazed how rural the area was. The coastaeering along the west coast was the most beautiful leg of the race.

- During the competition, the first position was much sought after by the Seagate team. What were the factors that permitted you to gain the advantatge and lead the race at the end?

We had a close race with Seagate where we at one time was ahead and another behind. In the last night of the race we raced a long time together until we took different route choices. We entered an area with a lot of new roads and a tricky checkpoint. We found the checkpoint first and Seagate spent some more time finding it. From that point we slowly increased our lead and didn’t do any navigation mistakes. We all felt strong in the team and could keep a high pace all the way to the finish.

- What was the atmosphere in the team? How did you assign  the functions and roles within the team? 

We had a good team spirit and cheered each other. The navigation was crucial so the navigator had to stay very focused all the time. We planned the sleep very well to avoid sleepy nights. Many times we are very flexible within the team and don’t assign specific roles. The roles can then easily be switched depending on how we feel in the team. In the transitions we all fix our self first and then help each other or do things that are common for the team.

-What were the most difficult moments during the race and what do you think was the key to your victory?

In this race the navigation was really tough with heaps of roads and tracks. Most of the time the map was accurate, but the size of the roads/tracks could wary a lot. We always pushed hard even if there was bad tracks or bush walking. I think two keys to the victory was good navigation and a pushing team that always pushed and cheered each other forward.

- Currently, you're in 15th position in the world ranking, due to some bad luck in recent races and you had to drop out. However it seems that your luck has changed.  What are your goals for the coming season?

We have had two unluckily world championships where we had to withdraw. In the summer (July and August) there will be a few races in Sweden, among those one solo race (the open European championship) and one 24-hour race within the Swedish adventure racing series with team of four. We haven’t yet decided about the races for the autumn yet, but the World champs in Brasil is high on the list of races!


Adrià Vall
Sección raids, editor y director

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